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What Our Clients Are Saying


From 2 Meetings A Week To 5 Per Day

"Working with Kent has been a game-changer in my business.  It's allowed me to work significantly less, be more organized, and generate consistent leads. His approach has enabled me to utilize his world-class systems to do massive networking, creating consistent value for others and incredible business opportunities for myself."

Alaina Schwartz

CEO & Founder

Alaina Schwartz Enterprises


From 0 Client A Week To 5 Clients In One Month

"Kent is amazing to work with. He is generous with his time, strategic in his approach, and has created a really effective and elegant solution for generating leads in an authentic way. He has really helped my business grow tremendously over the past couple of months including 5 new clients in the past month and half alone."

Ben Stein


Purpose Up LLC

briar d.jpeg

Added 50% More Pipeline Within Days Of Launching

"Kent and his team are truly remarkable. They care about creating a support system that envelops their clients’ pain points and produces results.  Kent’s approach captures the speed of the market while encouraging the human side of consultations, scheduling and increasing lead gen efforts from a holistic approach. His system works within days of beginning and has been a total game changer for us.  Could not recommend this amazing human being more!"

Briar Dougherty

CEO & Founder

Career Organic


Couldn't Handle All The Leads and Had To Pause The 'Machine' After 2 Weeks Of Launching

"Kent has supported me in growing my client leads in a very genuine, authentic and thoughtful way. It is because of his leadership style, heart for people and strategic mind that he is able to clearly understand the market and how to best position organizations in connecting and serving their ideal clients powerfully."

Larnell Vickers

CEO & Founder

Larnell Vickers Enterprises


From 0 Meetings A Week To 7 Per Day

"Kent is an amazing human being. There's a lot of marketing agencies out there, but Kent has an authenticity and realness that makes the difference. Alpha Coast, straight up adds value and Kent only works with people he can help. He does not try to be all things to all people. I feel fortunate to be his client and if you're considering hiring Alpha Coast - Just do it. Your business will only excel."

Jamison Jacobs


Jamison Jacobs LLC

angie bruhn.jpeg

Hit 20:1 ROI & Ended Up Hiring A Team of 7 To Keep Up With The Demand

"I get to sleep past 4 am every day! Most importantly, I've been a better coach by showing up with a full presence to help my clients. The program has accelerated my growth from 3-4 to 10-12 consultations per week.  I'm a mission to help 200 leaders unlock their potential this year and I can't get there without this program."

Angie Bruhn

Founder & CEO

Elevate Execs

Proof It Works

Trusted By Multiple 6 & 7 Figures Clients


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