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We help b2b & b2c entrepreneurs scale revenue in 90 days using our proprietary Client Accelerator System™

Don't take our word for it, hear it from the pro's who've implemented our system.

Don't take our word for it, hear it from the pro's who've implemented our system.

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Client Accelerator

The Client Accelerator System™ Experience

Clients come to us when:

🔥 They need a consistent pipeline of qualified inbound leads coming to them
🔥 They need a predictable sales process to execute without thinking
🔥 They want a repeatable, proven system for attracting new customers

We'll be working together on how to:

✔️ Generate 10-20+ qualified inbound B2B & B2C leads per month with very minimum effort 
✔️ Close 5, 6, or 7 figure deals over the phone or zoom
✔️ Get crystal clear on your buyer persona
✔️ Develop and nail your messaging that strikes a nerve with your target audience
✔️ Expedite and validate product-market fit
✔️ Establish onmi-presence with your market so you're everywhere
✔️ Setup and use a leak-proof AI and Systems so none of your efforts falls through the crack
✔️ Focus on which daily actions to take that move needle in your business
✔️ Leverage a results-driven repeatable sales process so you don't have to think but just execute
✔️ Have the confidence to build a multi 6 & 7 figures business within 12 months or less


After working together, you'll walk with

🔥 A reliable sales process that generates leads and new customers predictably
🔥 The scripts, tools, and leak-proof AI & systems to create repeatable sales outcomes
🔥 A growing pipeline of qualified, high-probability deals
🔥 Absolute clarity on whom they can deliver the most value to at the highest price
🔥 An AI machine that auto-detects hot leads and books warm calls with ideal customers every week
🔥 A funnel that can fill calendars on-demand

See if you qualify?  Click the button below to book a discovery call.


What Our Clients Are Saying...


Alaina Schwartz
CEO at Alaina Schwartz Enterprises

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"Working with Kent has been a game-changer in my business.  It's allowed me to work significantly less, be more organized, and generate consistent leads. Kent is all about relationship building first. His approach has enabled me to utilize his world-class systems to do massive networking, creating consistent value for others and incredible business opportunities for myself. I highly recommend working with him."


Larnell Vickers
CEO at Larnell Vickers Enteprises

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"Kent has supported me in growing my client leads in a very genuine, authentic and thoughtful way. It is because of his leadership style, heart for people and strategic mind that he is able to clearly understand the market and how to best position organizations in connecting and serving their ideal clients powerfully. Also Kent has been a great thought partner in this work. He has a strong ability to relate, adapt and serve as a key guide throughout the implementation and execution process. Thankful to have Kent as a partner in this work."

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Briar Dougherty
CEO & Founder at
Career Organic

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"Kent and his team are truly remarkable. They care about creating a support system that envelops their clients’ pain points and produces results. As a coach, the biggest goal is to help as many people as possible, but reaching out to prospects with the over saturation of social media and ads, it is so difficult to nurture and start real conversations. Kent’s approach captures the speed of the market while encouraging the human side of consultations, scheduling and increasing lead gen efforts from a holistic approach. His system works within days of beginning and has been a total game changer for us. Could not recommend this amazing human being more!"

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Trusted By Leaders In The Consulting/Coaching Space

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Ben Stein
Founder at Purpose Up

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"Kent is amazing to work with. He is generous with his time, strategic in his approach, and has created a really effective and elegant solution for generating leads in an authentic way. He has really helped my business grow tremendously over the past couple of months including 5 new clients in the past month and half alone. He's helped me hone my messaging, refine my targeting and network more effectively. If you are a coach or a service provider who is looking to generate more business and create more impact, talk to Kent."


Jamison Jacobs
Founder at Jamison Jacobs Coaching

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"Kent is an amazing human being. There's a lot of marketing agencies out there, but Kent has an authenticity and realness that makes the difference. Alpha Coast, straight up adds value and Kent only works with people he can help. He does not try to be all things to all people. I feel fortunate to be his client and if you're considering hiring Alpha Coast - Just do it. Your business will only excel."

Proof It Works


Michelle Witman
Founder & CEO at Asset Based Consulting, LLC

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"Kent has been a phenomenal resource to me and my company, Asset Based Consulting. He is a brilliant coach- one who is committed to my learning process and ensuring I understand the 'why' behind the strategy. His personalized approach is unique in this field and I am already seeing a dramatic shift in meaningful interactions and connections as a result of our initial work together."

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The Man Behind

Alpha Coast

Hiii! My name is Kent Vanho.  I'm the executive coach that b2b entrepreneurs go to when they're looking to scale their businesses.  I've developed a proven repeatable sales process, a leak-proof system using our proprietary AI software and Systems to drive sales and scale my clients' businesses to multi 6 & 7 figures within 12 months or less, so they can achieve their dreams and live the lifestyle they always desire for themselves and their families.  Quick bio:

  • A corporate drop-out after 17 years at Cisco.

  • I left the corporate world and scaled up my own consulting business to over $624,000 in annual recurring revenue organically within three months of launching using his own systems and strategies.

  • On a mission to partner up with other entrepreneurs, and service-based businesses, especially those within the first five years as those are delicate years to get them off the ground.  Together, we can change more lives and have tons of fun doing it.

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