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Awesome!  Your Strategy Call Is Scheduled


Thanks for scheduling a call with me.


I have sent you confirmation of your call's time and date via email, please make sure it's in your calendar. I'll be reviewing any information you shared in your booking form before our call.


I'll meet you via Zoom at the precise time you selected. 


Please make sure you're in a quiet room and don't take the call from a noisy place. 


I look forward to speaking with you and learning more about you and your business.

Btw, did you know LinkedIn Marketplace is the NEW KING in town when it comes to inbound requests for your business?! 


I'd like to invite you to join our free community (new) where we share with you everything we know about LinkedIn Marketplace to help you scale your business through inbound requests who submit RFPs for your service! 


Click here to join:   LinkedIn Marketplace



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