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We help service-based businesses attract & capture their ideal clients on LinkedIn marketplace.

On a mission to help service-based businesses build a sustainable business and scale revenue through inbound channels using LinkedIn, Google, YouTube, IG, & Email marketing.

Our Clients' Experience

Don't take our word for it, hear it from the pro's who've implemented our system.

Don't take our word for it, hear it from the pro's who've implemented our system.

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Service-based businesses, millions are shifting directions after the pandemic and they need your help!  Don't miss out on this titanic wave.  

Are you:

🔥 wasting a lot of $$$ on paid ads that not only cost you an arm and a leg but also stop working with you stop paying or didn’t work at all?

🔥 drained from attending trade shows, engaging in group pods, and attending events that led to nowhere?

🔥 exhausted from creating expensive landing pages, sales funnels, sales copy, and affiliate partnerships that got you little to no ROI?

🔥 tired of having spent countless hours creating and posting content and no one is engaging with them?

If you answer yes to one or all of the above, then you’re in the right place.


As you already know, the best leads in the world are inbound because they initiate and reach out on their own term.  They are the 3% ready to buy (see pyramid below).  When they initiate is when they have a pressing pain, have funds available, and are ready to pull the trigger, but the million $ question is, how do you get them to come to you first before your competition?


To get the 3% coming to you first versus your competition, you have two options:

1) CLIENT PROFINDER:  It's a DFY service, where we capture inbound leads who submit their RFPs and put you in front of them before anyone else. 

2) OUTBOUND SYSTEM:  It's a DWY service, where we'll custom-build your outbound machine to keep filling up your funnel using multi-channels (LinkedIn, YouTube, Google, IG, & Email marketing) and automate anything you're doing today that keeps you from scaling.

If you want to learn more or see a live demo, click below to schedule a call.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Alaina Schwartz
CEO at Alaina Schwartz Enterprises

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"Working with Kent has been a game-changer in my business.  It's allowed me to work significantly less, be more organized, and generate consistent leads. Kent is all about relationship building first. His approach has enabled me to utilize his world-class systems to do massive networking, creating consistent value for others and incredible business opportunities for myself. I highly recommend working with him."

Proof It Works
Hit 20:1 ROI, 600% pipeline increase & Hired a Team of 7 To Keep Up With The Demand
  • Helping companies, executives with career transitions, accelerated growth and expand influence

  • Dialed in on her messaging and found congruency with her market-message match and her calendar filled with qualified leads

  • 20:1 ROI within 3 months, went from 5 calls a week to 6 calls a day (600% pipeline increase) and had to hire a team of 7 to keep up with the demand

Went From $5K to $45K Months After 3 Months
  • Helping purpose-driven professionals define their next strategic career move

  • Lack of integrated systems, platforms and strategy to get leads

  • He went from sporadic 5k months to doing 45K months consistently

  • He had to pause his machine after 2 weeks

Dried pipelined to landing 5 calls a day with a 10:1 ROI
  • Helps entrepreneurial business owners, c-suite leaders, and military generals significantly increase their organizational effectiveness.

  • Dialed in his messaging based on his buyer persona, and launched the machine so his market was not only aware of his services but ready to complete their journey with him once they were ready to engage. 

  • Hit 5 calls a day and ended up with a 10 to 1 ROI.

From 0 Clients to 5 Clients Within 45 Days
  • Helping professionals breakthrough after they plateau in career and in life

  • Have a life-changing offer but doesn’t have his messaging dialed in plus the lack of systems to get clients chasing him

  • Landed 5 clients just within 1.5 months after partnering up with us

From 0 to 5 Calls per Day in 2 Months of Working Together
  • Helping executives and pro athletes transform their bodies in 90 days or less

  • Very successful offline but didn’t know how to dominate the online space. Needed help on how to stand out from his matured market

  • Within just 2 months of working together, he went from a nobody online with zero calls to 5 calls a day.

This enterprise sales trainer had to go through 12 agencies before he picked us
  • Chuck was looking for someone who's not only an expert in scaling a b2b business but also has business acumen and appreciation for what he does

  • We set up his machine and deployed our personalized automation approach toward his target market 

  • Landed his first deal which more than enough to cover the cost of the program within the first month


See if you qualify?  Click the button below to book a discovery call.

Over 60 Clients (and Growing)
Kent Vanho, Founder

My name is Kent Vanho.  I've spent most of my 17 year corporate career building systems and platforms for enterprises.  After I left the corporate world, I developed a SaaS platform that auto-detects RFPs and puts you in front of them within seconds.   Additionally, I've created a proven repeatable sales process, a leak-proof system using our personalized automation leveraging our proprietary AI software and System to drive sales and scale my and my clients' b2b businesses to multi 6 & 7 figures within 12 months or less.  Quick bio:

  • A corporate drop-out after 17 years at Cisco.

  • I left the corporate world and scaled up my own consulting business to over $624,000 in annual recurring revenue organically within three months of launching using my own systems and strategies.

  • On a mission to partner up with early-stage b2b entrepreneurs & businesses to scale theirs.  Together, we can change more lives and have tons of fun doing it.

Linda VanBreemen, Operations

Linda VanBreemen is an experienced operations expert with a 10+ years track record of building up systems and platforms to eliminate dead weight in organizations ranging from small to medium sizes.  She has been awarded and recognized as one of the top effective operations experts in her role for 3 years in a role. 

She's currently living in Folsom with her husband Richie and her 6 year old son.  When she's not at work, you might find her volunteering at the kids clubs and doing charity work at the zen monastery in Sacramento.

Leisa Hart, Business Development

Leisa Hart is a seasoned Sales & Marketing Specialist and On-Air talent with a track record of success. She dazzled audiences with her warm, approachable personality as the Warner Brothers Buns of Steel® fitness DVD icon, which then led to working as television & podcast host, inspirational speaker, voice-over talent, model, and spokesperson, proving there was much more behind her "Buns" persona.

Her Warner Brothers workouts boast over 6 million units sold and her powerfully persuasive pitch has generated over one billion dollars in direct sales campaigns, including numerous highly successful infomercials and shopping channel appearances.

DanSilberber headshot.jpg
Dan Silberberg, SR.VP. Business Development

My name is Dan E. Silberberg.  I have spent the last 40 years leading companies to grow their sales, profits, and financial performance exponentially.  Leveraging technology as both a productivity enhancement and strategic lever for growth.  I will work with companies to deploy market-leading technologies to drive sales growth and profitability.  Alpha Coast is the market leader in deploying AI and automation to drive outbound leads into the enterprise to drive sales and scale my clients' B2B business to multiple 5 & 7 figures within 12 months or less.

  • A30+ years with bottom line P&L for businesses from $7-$00 million 

  • A technology background with EDS and Oracle

  • A business consulting background with A.T. Kearny

  • 5 Start-up ventures in multiple industry verticals and global geographies


If you are looking to grow your business exponentially, deliver a unique customer experience that over delivers, and want to out distance the competition, we should connect immediately.​

IMG_3208 - Edited.png
Wendy Werosta, Business Development

My name is Wendy Werosta. I'm on a mission to help businesses grow and thrive in the digital space. Through copywriting and business development, I want to see everyone succeed.


People sometimes ask me why I'm so dedicated to growing in this space... because I've seen dedicated business owners stuggle, and I want to put an end to it.


When I'm not busy on my computer, I like taking walks with my pomsky, cooking up something spicy, or reading a fiction novel.

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