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"At Alpha Coast, you'll have everything you need to craft your own success story." - Kent Vanho, CEO


Don't take our word for it, hear it from the pro's who've partnered up with us.

Don't take our word for it, hear it from the pro's who've partnered up with us.

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Coaches & recruiters,  millions are shifting directions after the pandemic, and they need your help!  Don't miss out on this titanic wave.  

Are you:

🔥 wasting a lot of $$$ on paid ads that not only cost you an arm and a leg but also stop working with you stop paying or didn’t work at all?

🔥 drained from attending trade shows, engaging in group pods, and attending events that lead to nowhere?

🔥 exhausted from creating expensive landing pages, sales funnels, sales copy, and affiliate partnerships that got you little to no ROI?

🔥 tired of spending countless hours creating and posting content, only to find that no one is engaging?

If you answer yes to one or all of the above, then you’re in the right place.

As you already may know, the best leads in the world are inbound because they initiate and reach out on their own terms.  They are the 3% ready to buy (see pyramid below).  When they initiate, it's because they have a pressing pain, funds available, and are ready to pull the trigger, but the million $ question is, how do you get them to come to you first before anyone else?

Buyers intent pyramid

To get the 3% coming to you without advertising, you only have one option:  

Introducing our Client ProFinder™ program, an implementation, not training, but a one-on-one partnership to help you grow and scale your coaching business through our 4-step proven process:

  • Build:  We ensure that you have a strong positioning, messaging that resonates & an offer with a USP while validating that you have product-market-fit before we launch (Done-With-You)

  • Launch:  We build & infuse ready-to-buy inbound leads flow DAILY inside your business (Done-For-You)

  • Operate:  We train you on our proven, scalable sales process to book sales calls and convert inbounds into customers (Done-With-You)

  • Scale:  We work with you to solve your growing pains & remedy any bottlenecks before doubling the lead flow to double your revenue (Done-With-You)

Neil S.jpeg

Neil Schultz
Founder at Career Upgrader

Group 106@2x.png

"Kent and his team came at a pivotal moment in my company's development.
Well, I'll be honest: it was "Do or Die" time, for personal and professional reasons.
I was humming along ignorantly at 4-8 sales/discovery calls per week for about 5 years. Through the tweaking and marketing efforts as well as automation helps, now I am leading 35-40 calls per WEEK. With TARGETED results:

- In 2023 our AVG MONTHLY NEW CLIENTS IN 2023 = 7
- In 2023 our AVG MONTHLY INCOME = $9,079
- In 2024 SO FAR (It's January 18) we have brought in 15 new clients!!
- In 2024 SO FAR we have brought in $23,499 in new client revenue!!
- In 2024 first two weeks, they have directly helped me book 92 (and counting) QUALIFIED sales calls on my calendar.

Not only that, but Kent and his team provided emotional support when needed at a high level, and I couldn't be more grateful for the adept, kind, intelligent, focused, helpful, useful, and profitable support and efforts they provide. I was amazed, shocked, stunned into silence, and now working harder than ever to keep up with demand, as I now need to scale our business because of the phenomenal efforts Kent and the team at Alpha Coast have provided. THANK YOU!

Jewel Bracy DeMaio: From 5 Figures per MONTH to 5 Figures ($26,650) per WEEK = 1.38M PER YEAR
  • Specializing in helping professionals land a new career in 90 days or less, guaranteed

  • We identified two gaps and helped her dial in on her offer and sales process in her first 3 months

  • Now, it's just rinsing and repeating by going from 5 figures per MONTH to a record of $26,650 per WEEK & on her way to cracking over 1.3M for the year

3X Revenue After Contemplating for 5 Months, 100% Touchless - zero calls!
  • Helping professionals with career transition documentation (resume, cv, coaching to help them accelerate landing new positions

  • Dialed in on her positioning and built out an infrastructure that ultimately gets sales without having a call first.  100% touchlesss

  • 3X her revenue within 5 months using her touchless system

Neil Schultz Hit 1,700% ROI In The First 30 Days
  • Specializing in helping leaders (150k+ positions) land a new career in 90 days 

  • After trying out countless other providers with no results to show, he came to a crossroads of either throwing in the white towel or giving it another chance.  Then he found us.

  • We went to work.  Putting his business on a whole different light with new positioning, identifying his unique selling point in his offers, and then infuse his business with a constant of inbound leads who are ready to buy.

  • Just within after 30 days of launching, his results speaks for themselves;  $34k with a 1,700% ROI.

Went From $5K to $45K Months After 3 Months
  • Helping purpose-driven professionals define their next strategic career move

  • Lack of integrated systems, platforms and strategy to get leads

  • He went from sporadic 5k months to doing 45K months consistently

  • He had to pause his machine after 2 weeks

Melissa Beaudet's  1140% ROI First 30 Days
  • Helping Professionals Fast Track to New Careers

  • Lack an infrastructure to build an inbound lead gen platform. 

  • We built out an automated inbound lead machine while getting her other processes dial in.

  • After 30 days, she was beyond belief with a 1140% ROI.

Aileen Hit 650% ROI After First 30 Days
  • Helping professionals accelerate their job search by 60 days

  • Had plenty of 'bad taste' when it came to investing in outside services to help her scale, but never with inbound lead gen services

  • Upon partnering with us, Aileen restructured every aspect of her business under our guidance, including her offer

  • Within just 30 days of launch, she hit 650% ROI

Brenda Bridges 10x Her Revenue In The First 30 Days
  • Helping professionals land their next role and earn $25k+ more per year 

  • Had a life-changing offer but nothing is in place to get clients predictably

  • 10x her business in the first 30 days of partnering with us

From 0 to 5 Calls per Day in 2 Months of Working Together
  • Helping executives and pro athletes transform their bodies in 90 days or less

  • Very successful offline but didn’t know how to dominate the online space. Needed help on how to stand out from his matured market

  • Within just 2 months of working together, he went from a nobody online with zero calls to 5 calls a day.

Hit 20:1 ROI, 600% pipeline increase & Hired a Team of 7 To Keep Up With The Demand
  • Helping companies, executives with career transitions, accelerated growth and expand influence

  • Dialed in on her messaging and found congruency with her market-message match and her calendar filled with qualified leads

  • 20:1 ROI within 3 months, went from 5 calls a week to 6 calls a day (600% pipeline increase) and had to hire a team of 7 to keep up with the demand

This enterprise sales trainer had to go through 12 agencies before he picked us
  • Chuck was looking for someone who's not only an expert in scaling a b2b business but also has the business acumen and appreciation for what he does

  • We set up his machine and deployed our personalized automation approach toward his target market 

  • Landed his first deal which more than enough to cover the cost of the program within the first month

Dried pipelined to landing 5 calls a day with a 10:1 ROI
  • Helps entrepreneurial business owners, c-suite leaders, and military generals significantly increase their organizational effectiveness.

  • Dialed in his messaging based on his buyer persona, and launched the machine so his market was not only aware of his services but ready to complete their journey with him once they were ready to engage. 

  • Hit 5 calls a day and ended up with a 10 to 1 ROI.

From 0 Clients to 11 Clients Within 45 Days
  • Helping professionals breakthrough after they plateau in career and in life

  • Has a life-changing offer but doesn’t have his messaging dialed in plus the lack of systems to get clients chasing him

  • Landed 5 clients just within 1.5 months after partnering up with us

3X Revenue After Contemplating for 5 Months, 100% Touchless - zero calls!
  • Helping professionals with career transition documentation (resume, cv, coaching to help them accelerate landing new positions

  • Dialed in on her positioning and built out an infrastructure that ultimately gets sales without having a call first.  100% touchlesss

  • 3X her revenue within 5 months using her touchless system


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OVER 300+ CLIENTS (and Growing)
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Headshot of Kent Vanho
Kent Vanho, Founder

My name is Kent Vanho.  I've spent most of my 17 year corporate career building systems and platforms for enterprises.  After I left the corporate world, I developed an inbound business scaling solution that captures signals and proposal requests online; then, I organized and presented those opportunities to professional coaches, b2b consultants, and service-based business owners on a silver platter for their review and pursuance.


Additionally, I've created a proven, repeatable sales process, a leak-proof system using our personalized automation leveraging our proprietary AI software and System to drive sales and scale my and my clients' b2b & b2c businesses to multi 6 & 7 figures within 12 months or less.  Quick bio:

  • A corporate drop-out after 17 years at Cisco.

  • I left the corporate world and scaled up my own consulting business to over $624,000 in annual recurring revenue organically within three months of launching using our own systems and strategies.

  • On a mission to partner up with professional coaches, b2b consultants, and service-based businesses to scale theirs.  Together, we can change more lives and have tons of fun doing it.

Headshot of Linda VanBreemen
Linda VanBreemen, Head of Operations

My name is Linda VanBreemen.  I'm an experienced operations expert with a 10+ years track record of building up systems and platforms to eliminate dead weight in organizations ranging from small to medium sizes.  I have been awarded and recognized as one of the top effective operations experts in her role for 3 years in a row. 

I currently live in Folsom with my husband Richie and my 7-year-old son. When I'm not at work, I might be volunteering at the kids' clubs or doing charity work at the zen monastery in Sacramento.

Headshot of Anh Nguyen
Anh Nguyen, Director of Operations

My name is Anh Nguyen.  I bring a wealth of experience to the role of operations director, boasting a remarkable track record spanning over a decade in constructing and fine-tuning systems while optimizing platforms previously working at Amazon and Slack.

I am a New York native who shares her home with two adorable cats and has a deep passion for board games.

Chris Withrow, Program Director

My name is Christopher D. Withrow. During the Market Crash of 2009, I realized that climbing the corporate ladder wasn’t safe. I learned that if I am going to lose, it’s better to build something of my own and if I fail, to fail at something I love. I built a six-figure gym from scratch and successfully exited the business. Throughout this journey, I experienced both successes and bottlenecks. It brings me great pleasure to offer you solutions for your business so that you can live your purpose and find fulfillment in doing so. Born and raised in Wisconsin, I am a proud girl dad to two wonderful daughters. I believe in taking care of yourself first through health and wellness. This includes working out daily, eating clean, proper supplementation, and ensuring proper sleep.